About Us

Exclusive Homes London has years of experience in helping people find their dream luxury property in London. We are specialists in the sale of prime central London residences, apartments, flats and other high-end properties. Our team of professionals works extremely hard to find our clients the luxurious property that they desire and demand.

We Bring to You Exclusive Off-market Properties for Sale

The sale of luxury homes in London are usually carried out discreetly and off-market. This is where we can provide you with a unique advantage. We have first-hand information about upscale properties for sale and we can help you secure the property that you want. Our competency in finding opulent properties that nobody knows about has helped us emerge as the go-to estate agents.

Our Exclusive Property Sales Experts Offer End-to-end Support

Exclusive Homes London is one of the premier off-market facilitators for buyers looking to purchase luxury London homes. We are very well-connected and are in an excellent position to offer our clients all the help and information that they need to find the home or apartment they are looking for. In addition to being the introducers to exclusive residential properties, we also make sure that our clients get the best deals.

We Do Not Charge an Acquisition Fee

At Exclusive Homes London, we are committed to finding buyers the most competitive deals in the current market without charging an acquisition fee. Our professionals will help you to find the most suitable acquisition solution because we have excellent relations with a wide network of vendors and agency partners.

London’s most exclusive homes are generally sold without coming to the market.

This is where we provide our buying applicants with a significant advantage.

Our ability to source off-market properties will be of inordinate in securing for you some of London’s finest homes discreetly while saving you much time and effort.

No acquisition fee required.

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